Skin Whitening Forever™


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  1. That dove bar soap is EVERYTHING😍😩. I always use it before my shower gel or body wash when and it makes me feel so squeaky clean. Like that’s a soap that really cleans you and gets your body free of germs and bacteria. I feel like body wash by itself can’t do that. I needs a white bar soap like dove or the dial hypoallergenic white bar soap. Those are my two favorite bar soaps. Good video girl. Love your channel.

  2. are you a nurse? if yes please how do you use your perfumes being at the ward or hospital and around your patients cos i m a nurse ,I wanna smell good all the time but then I also think about my patients especially asthmatic patients .don't wanna scare them lol .help

  3. Try suave for men body wash in citrus rush. It smells great and you can even use it for ya vajajay and ya ass. One of my favorite soaps. I sometimes steal it from my dad because he uses it also

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