My Skincare Routine: Part I | Paula’s Choice

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  1. Vanity Rouge  Check out Neutrogena's Spf 70 liquid light lotion, it is light and the texture is wonderful on oily or combo skin, especially in the hot humid summer!  It comes on a card plastic, Amazon and has the best price!

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  3. Hello! I am sorry it took so long to respond to you. I have sent you a YouTube inbox message since I do not have a lot of room to work with here. 🙂 Again my apologies – I hope you are having a great weekend! 🙂

  4. Hi there! I am currently alternating using the RESIST Retinol Serum and the RESIST Ultra-Light Antioxidant Serum so it is hard to say, however, I do use about a pea-size amount all over my face, and although it absorbs quickly I find there is enough time to get that amount all over my face. I have mostly been using the RESIST Retinol Serum on my neck area so it could be why the Ultra-Light product is lasting me longer as well. I hope that helps you out! 🙂

  5. Hello! While I do not use the lotion, it is recommended for dry/very dry skin and the liquid is recommended for combination/oily skin. I now use both the 2% BHA Liquid and the 2% BHA Gel (also recommended for combination/oily skin) and I think I prefer the gel for ease of use. 🙂 I hope that helps!

  6. Hi Zoella! Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is present in young, healthy skin and helps to protect skin from the environment, repair the skin structure and more. As we get older our skin does not produce as much, so using a product with hyaluronic acid helps to repair the skin, retain moisture, & improve the texture of the skin. For more information I have linked in the info bar a helpful article from Paula's Choice (since I cannot put links in the comments). I hope that helps! 🙂

  7. I just purchased these products as well, and hope to Iove them 🙂 But my question is after the cleansing and toning, when it comes to using the 2% BHA GEL, how long do you wait to apply your moisturizer? or do you just apply your moisturizer as soon as you finish working the BHA gel into your face? 🙂

  8. Oh wow! It sounds like your skin is going through quite an adjustment. I just experienced lots of peeling but I did not get any painful or major dry spots. I know what you mean about not being able to wear much makeup. I got good at figuring out how to apply makeup over the peeling patches to hide it a bit, but when it was really peeling there wasn't much I could do! I think when I use tretinoin cream again I will be introducing it very slowly and in small amounts. I hope that helps! 🙂

  9. Hi again Angie, I started the Obaji Nu-Derm system on Jan 31st this year along with the RetinA (I have been using just small amounts here and there of the retinA already) and holy moly did my poor skin react! Ouch, I have combination skin (t-zone) -dry skin , but not cystic and it was very harsh on me the first week. I could not even wear tinted moisturizer until Feb 8th my skin was so dry and on fire. It is better now, except above my lip, it is dryer today. I will keep it up and the back to PC

  10. so while taking a break from it I found Paula's Choice. I will be adding tretinoin cream back into my skincare routine in March, so I will have to do an update on how that goes. I am curious to see how my skin will react now with tretinoin and the PC products – hopefully there will be less peeling. I know that is a normal process, but I am still happy to have had a break from the peeling for awhile now – we will see how it goes! 🙂

  11. Hi Sandra! Thank you so much. 🙂 I will have to see if i can do a hair video someday – it has been requested but I have not done something like that (filming with hot tools almost sounds dangerous, lol!) but I will certainly see if I can fit it in sometime. Before discovering Paula's Choice I used the Obaji Nu-derm system a few years ago which helped with sun spots, but I felt it was a little intense for my skin (because I did not have severe cystic acne or dark spots),

  12. I am so happy you liked the video and that you love the products like I do! I agree it is so nice to use products that have so many benefits and still work for our skin types – it is a great feeling to have finally found something that works so I don't have to keep guessing! 🙂 Thanks for commenting and have a great weekend. <3

  13. I am so happy you love the products like I do – they are amazing! 🙂 I have not yet tried the resist daily smoothing treatment so I will have to look into that one – it sounds like it might work well for me. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your favorites!

  14. We do have a very similar routine! 🙂 So happy you love the products as much as I do! I look forward to going through my routine every morning and night because I love it so much. 🙂

  15. Yes I bet you have to change your skincare up quite a bit for baby! I would definitely look into some of their products that don't have the BHA/AHA if you are looking to add in other products. The Skin Balancing Toner actually doesn't have salicylic acid in it, so I think it would be safe for you, but you can always check the ingredients list on the PC site so that is helpful! 🙂 Aww thank you for the nails compliment – I am loving this combo! 🙂

  16. You look beautiful! Would love to see how you style you hair in for this look.
    I use a lot of Paula Choice's products and I really really like them. I switch to Obaji Clear, Vitamin C, and RetinA just recently (trying to get rid of a few sun spots before they get too bad) and have to say, I am having some breakouts where as when using the Paula's choice line, my skin was rarely breaking out. I miss it and can not wait to go back to it!

  17. thanks for the great video! I'm also a fan of PC and use some of the same products as you do. I love having products that are anti-aging but also work on our combo to oily skin!!! thanks again, take care!

  18. I also love Paulas Choice. Im using just about same products as you. I also use the resist toner and skin balancing toner. The resist toner feels really good all over face and i use skin balancing on breakout areas. The other think i use and works well for my combo skin is resist daily smoothing treatment with 5% aha.

  19. Looks like such a nice line Angie! Now that I am pregnant I am being uber conscious of my skin care regime. Soooo many things aren't allowed, it's almost freakish!! I can't use AHAs, and my skin could really use it… but Lactic and Glycolic Acid is safe:) I love a toner too! Again, with my situation I use a witch hazel toner. It doesn't feel as cleansing as something with salicylic acid but alas.. haha!! Your skin is so gorgeous you are blessed:) And those NAILS!!! ! <3 janna xxo

  20. Wow! My skin care routine is almost exactly the same. I do use the skin balancing moisturizer with SPF 15 in the am and the BHA 2% liquid (HG). I'm still using the antioxidant serum from the skin balancing line and interested in seeing how the ultra light one compares. I agree with the weekly resurfacing treatment! I love that stuff. My skin always looks amazing after I use that! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Thank you for waiting for this video – finally happy to share it! 🙂 Thank you for the recommendations for the sunscreen amounts – I do use a very generous amount with my SPF, so that amount sounds just right! I am especially conscious with my face, neck and chest area, but it is a good reminder to be sure the rest of the body gets covered as well. Thanks again!

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